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Posted on 11-07-2016

It’s All About The Brain

Would you rather have a brain problem or a back problem? The answer is very simple. You would rather have a back problem. But imagine having a brain problem?

A brain problem is not something you want because the brain simply controls everything in the body.  All function, healing, and repair is controlled by the brain. The brain organizes every aspect of our being. It controls all the systems in the body: movement, breathing, cardiovascular function, immune system, and digestive system. All these systems are work together under co-ordination of the brain.

Why am I talking about brain problems?

The reason is that a back problem IS a brain problem!

I know what you’re thinking: what are you talking about a brain problem?

The reality is that science shows subluxations in your spine negatively affect your brain. Subluxations causes stress signals to the brain and the brain responds by producing stress hormones in the body.  Chronic stress hormones in the body have been known to cause many of today’s chronic diseases: diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and autoimmune disease.

Subluxations also affect how the brain processes information and subsequently how the body is able to function. It has shown to affect body awareness, co-ordination, strength, movement, pain sensitivity and intelligence.

This is why we take subluxations seriously. It has a negative impact not just to the spine but the BRAIN.  So when you receive your adjustment, we’re glad to make your back and neck feel better. But more importantly, we’re glad that your brain is now functioning better! 

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