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Posted on 07-13-2017

I had a patient recently ask me about supplements. The conversation was, “ I have been having some (problem x) and my friend said (supplement y) helped”. It makes sense. I have problem “x” and I take “y” to get better.

Is there a problem taking supplements? Absolutely not! In fact, we’ve encouraged patients over the years to take supplements like omega 3’s and vitamin D to provide nutrients that aren’t in one’s normal diet or lifestyle.

Here’s where we want you to think about. Natural things like supplements or herbs are all great. Here’s the problem. It’s still an outside-in approach mindset. 

The mindset is still “I need something from the outside to help what’s going in the inside”.

The outside-in approach whether supplements or medications often never truly fix the cause of the problem. Supplements or herbs when used to “supplement” diet are great but when they are used to “treat” a condition, it is often for symptoms. So while we encourage our patients to take supplements if needed, we want you to ask yourself what is actually causing the problem.

Dealing with the cause is not a quick fix. It may include evaluating your lifestyle. It may mean learning how to deal with stress better. It may mean exercising more and eating better.  It may mean re-evaluating your life purpose and relationships. Whatever the case may be, the focus needs to shift to dealing with the health problem from within.

Chiropractic is an inside-out approach.  We are not treating you for “x”.  In fact, we are releasing the power within your body. When we remove the interference to your nervous system, the body has more potential to function, heal, and repair.

So when you starting focusing on the cause and focus on the process, that’s when you can truly heal - from the inside-out!

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